Roanoke Valley .NET User Group

The Roanoke Valley .Net User Group was formed to support the .NET users in the Roanoke Valley and beyond. We're a friendly group that welcomes both questions...and answers!

We meet on the first Thursday of each month at the Grandin CoLab, next to Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op on Grandin Ave.


What's New


  1. June Meeting: Kevin Hazzard - Serverless Applications with Azure and Amazon Web Services

    Thursday, Jun 02

    Serverless Applications - Amazon AWS API Gateway plus AWS Lambda is a powerful combination for creating so-called serverless applications. Low cost and massive scalability are two of the great benefits. From the devloper's perspective, the real gems of serverless apps are dynamic composition and event-driven development. Microsoft gets it. They recently release Azure Function Apps to compete with AWS in this realm. In this session, we'll look at both products in detail, comparing their features to get a sense of where these technologies are headed and how they'll affect you as a software pro. Kevin Hazzard is a software developer, ...
  2. July: No meeting

    Thursday, Jul 07

    Due to the Independence Day holiday and busy vacation schedules, we do not schedule a meeting in July.  See you next month!
  3. August Meeting: Greg King - Functional Programming in JavaScript

    Thursday, Aug 04

    We will be posting details shortly.  Please check back!
  4. September meeting: Andrew J. Kelly - Query plan reuse

    Thursday, Sep 01

    Details coming soon!
  5. October Meeting - Jessica Moss

    Thursday, Oct 06

    Details coming soon!
  6. November Meeting: Jamie Dixon

    Thursday, Nov 03

    Details coming soon!