Roanoke Valley .NET User Group

The Roanoke Valley .Net User Group was formed to support the .NET users in the Roanoke Valley and beyond. We're a friendly group that welcomes both questions...and answers!

We meet on the first Thursday of each month at the Grandin CoLab, next to Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op on Grandin Ave.


What's New


  1. NRV Container Day

    Saturday, Sep 02

    At Torgersen Hall, Room 3100 on the Virginia Tech campus. This one-day event is designed to help you get up and running with Docker. Come in knowing nothing and leave knowing what it takes to run containerized applications. If you bring an app, we can even help containerize it! This ContainerDay is being run by the Docker Blacksburg Meetup group. While this first event is targeting developers, we hope to have events for ContainerDay Ops and ContainerDay Students in the future. Stay tuned! Go to to learn more.
  2. September Meeting: Introduction to building iOS Apps with Swift

    Thursday, Sep 07

    Presented By: Brian Lanham In this presentation we will build an iOS app using Swift 3. The app will consume a REST endpoint for displaying a list of items and provide the ability to look at an item’s details.  ​ You’ll learn:  ​ * Getting started in iOS app development with Swift  ​ * Consuming a REST endpoint  ​ * Displaying a list of items  ​ * Showing a detailed item view  ​ Want to follow along? Install XCode on your Mac to get started! About Brian Lanham:  After serving as a nuclear-qualified electrician for six years in the ...